Watching parade weather and Monday’s storms

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Weather Headlines

–Rain showers will be tapering off as we go through the day.

–Parade weather is looking cloudy, with a very slight risk for a shower

–Strong T-storms are possible Monday evening

–Flurries are possible Tuesday morning. Little to no accumulation expected.

Main threats

There is a risk for strong to severe t-storms Monday evening across Middle TN. At this time, the Storm Prediction Center has outlined portions of our area in a MARGINAL RISK for severe storms. This is mainly south of I-40. The greater threat looks to be to our south, across Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. I’ll keep a close watch on this.


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We’ll see plenty of clouds for our Saturday, as well as some scattered showers. The most widespread and consistent rain has moved off to our east and northeast. Right now, parade weather looks pretty good to me. It will be cloudy and chilly but most of the rain will be gone. At best, we may see a sprinkle or passing light shower.

The current radar shows one more batch of light showers west of Nashville, moving east. Those will affect us today but rainfall amounts will be light and showers will be very scattered.


We get a break from the rain on Sunday, before our next system moves in on Monday. That system is very potent and has the potential to produce a severe weather outbreak to our south. There are indications that some of those storms may hold together long enough to make it onto the plateau as they move northeast. I’ll keep an eye on it.

All of that moves out of here Tuesday morning, but not before spitting out some snow flurries.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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On this day in 1924 the temperature was a very pleasant 63 degrees in Helena, Montana. Then, a cold front swept through. Thirty-four hours later they were 25 degrees below zero! Other parts of Montana went from 63 degrees in the afternoon, to 21 degrees below zero by midnight.

Lordy! That’s just too much of a temperature plunge!

Saturday Weather Satire


NASA Knowledge

For the first time in history, researchers have mapped the winds of another planet. The picture below shows the winds of Mars. Data such as this will make missions to the Red Planet much safer for future astronauts.


Such data will also hopefully shed light on how a planet that may have had very hospitable conditions for life, including oceans, became such a desolate place. Such clues may help us better understand the future of Earth’s own climates.  Surprisingly, the winds of Mars atmosphere correlate very well with the wind patterns on the surface.  Because of this, scientist will be able to better map the surface of Mars based on the wind pattern of the upper atmosphere. This is very encouraging news for those who want better maps of Mars before astronauts go there.

Pictured below is Mars’ surface, with modeled winds flowing over the terrain. Those winds influence the atmosphere above. mars_winds_preview_4

Wx Hazards Across the Nation


It’s an active pattern across the country! The most benign of advisories is the fog advisories up the Mississippi River this morning. Once you get into the green-shaded counties in southern Illinois you enter a winter storm watch that goes into effect Sunday afternoon. West of that you see winter wx advisories in blue.

Other weather alerts across the country include wind chill advisories for North Dakota. Flood advisories are active for coastal New England. While the west has a variety of winter weather advisories. High winds are expected in New Mexico. Folks in Nebraska and western South Dakota are dealing with freezing fog this morning.


I made this announcement on Facebook last night and I’ll make it here, as well. It’s gotten a ton of positive response!

“I have an idea. As many of you know, I’ve been doing these science classes for kids once a month. I was wondering what some of you would think about me doing a bit of an online science newsletter for kids once a month? I don’t think it would be that much more work for me, since it would be a basic recap of what we do in class, plus a bit more info, of course. It could be a reminder of what we learned, or be something nice for the kids who couldn’t make it to class. I’ve been tossing this idea around in my head since I was on a NASA Social trip and someone suggested I start doing this (thanks, Diana). I love to write. I love science. I love to teach. It could be the perfect combo! ha

Perhaps someday we can round up some businesses to sponsor our class, and I would be able to even mail something out? At the very least, I’d like to find sponsors to help pay for our supplies. Then, we could do even more projects and the class would still be free for the kids! Just one sponsor would go a long way.

With the success of these classes, I’m looking to make this even better in the new year! Let me know what you think! Even those of you who aren’t able to make it to the classes could benefit from this newsletter, too.

As a kid I always loved getting something in the mail. How cool would it be to get something cool and sciency? Now a days, kids might be just as excited to get something online though? I’m not sure.”

You all have a great day!

Forecast_Template - 2019-12-14T073122.447

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