Sunday Story: A White Christmas?

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Before we get to the Sunday Story, I want to remind you that we have some storms to watch out for on Monday. As of now, we are in the MARGINAL RISK for severe weather. That means that some storms could be strong/severe, but that widespread severe weather is not expected. That could change. This is a volatile situation and things can change so quickly this time of year.

I think the greater threat my end up being flooding. It certainly looks like several inches of rain could fall on some of us. I’ll have to watch that closely. That threat looks greatest in the overnight hours of Monday.

The chances for severe storms have increased substantially for the Deep South, with Mississippi and Alabama looking to be hardest hit. All modes of severe wx are possible there, including tornadoes. If storms get going in earnest down there, it could rob a lot of the energy for storms around here. If you know anyone who lives in those states you might want to call/text or message the on Facebook and make sure they know about the storm threat tomorrow. Folks often have anything but storms on their mind this time of  year.

The greatest threat for storms for us looks to be in the afternoon and evening hours of Monday. I’ll keep you posted on that. I’ll update later today and I’ll be here all day tomorrow.

Now to totally shift gears…..

It’s time for the Sunday Story!

A White Christmas?

Are we going to have snow for Christmas? It’s the most common question meteorologists get this time of year.

You have to admit, snow does make Christmas morning a bit more magical. 

The odds of the plateau seeing a white Christmas in any given year is about 10%. In the words of Jim Carey in Dumb and Dumber, “So you’re telling me there’s a chance?” 

That 10% chance is the statistical probability of snow in any given year. Looking ahead at extended outlooks offers few clues this time of year. The pattern is so quickly changing and shots of cold air come and go on a whim. It’s nearly impossible to know more than five days out what the weather is going to do, at least with any certainty. 

The interesting thing about our area is that we can experience just about any type of weather this time of year. We’ve had everything from severe thunderstorms to snowstorms in Christmases past. 

All we need is some cold air meeting up with moisture. We have plenty of that cold air in Canada and we have plenty of moisture in the Gulf of Mexico. We just need them to meet on top of us and then we will have some snow. It’s hard enough to get those two ingredients together on any given day, much less on a specific day. Still, a reunion of those two ingredients would be nice on Christmas morning. 

The technical definition of a white Christmas is at least one inch of snow on the ground on Christmas Day. My fingers are crossed, kids, and I wonder how many of the kid-at-hearts have their fingers crossed too? 


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