11:15 A.M. Monday Storm Update

Well, these breaks in the clouds for those of us along and south of I-40 are not helping us out. The latest update from the Storm Prediction Center has increased our tornado threat just a bit. It’s still not a big threat but it’s not zero.

Many of you near the KY border have been getting rain all morning. That really helps to stabilize the atmosphere and keep you safer from severe storms. The more sunshine the rest of us get, the more unstable our atmosphere becomes.

Storms will affect the plateau mainly between 3-9:00 pm. I’ll keep an eye on that timing.

The greatest threat, by far, will be down in Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana. They have been upgraded to a moderate risk for severe storms. Their tornado threat has also increased substantially. They’re already getting warnings and a few confirmed tornadoes. If you know anyone who lives down there you may want to make sure they’re watching the weather today.

As we go through the afternoon, we’ll watch severe storms develop across Mississippi and Alabama. I’ll have to track those as they move northeast toward TN. The main threat facing our region is straight-line winds and very heavy downpours of rain.

I just listened in on a weather briefing from the NWS Nashville and they said about the same thing. The more sun we get the more unstable we become.


Timing: Mainly 3-9:00 pm

What: Strong to severe storms & heavy rainfall

Where: Mainly along and south of Interstate 40.

WeatherTAP’s RadarLab is very busy today! I’ll be watching it all!



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