4:00 Storm Update

The Storm Prediction Center has extended the tornado watch farther north into Tennessee. Now, the counties along the TN/AL border are now included in the watch. The red box you see within that tornado watch is a tornado warning for a confirmed tornado.

Thankfully, they have not extended the watch as far north as I was afraid they would. The counties shaded in green remain under flood watches for tonight.


We still can’t let our guards down completely here on the plateau, as we remain in the marginal risk for severe weather. However, we have a few things going for us that are good. First, it will be getting dark soon. That means the temperature will be falling a few degrees and that will lead to more stability in our atmosphere. Storms don’t like that.

Second, our dewpoint managed to climb to 56 degrees. While that’s perfectly fine for strong storms, especially this time of year, getting to 60 degrees or more would have been even more ideal for severe storms. Dewpoint is a measure of moisture in the air. Moisture is fuel for storms. The more moisture there is, the more fuel there is. We have fuel for storms, but we would struggle to fuel severe storms.

Still, this system is very dynamic and we still have enough ingredients at play to lead to the threat of an isolated severe storm or two.

You all take care and I’ll post updates through the evening as needed.

Current radar shows storms beginning to fill in a bit more south of Nashville. That whole area has seen rain all day. The storms may strengthen when they push eastward into our airmass that has not been rain-cooled today. Crossville is currently 60 degrees, while Nashville is just 50 with rain.



Timing for the plateau: 6:00 pm. to Midnight (over with by midnight)

What: Strong, possibly severe, storms. Tornado threat is very low, but not zero.

Weather Update-DL3_091518_JT-01

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