Tell Santa to pack a pair of shorts

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Weather Headlines

–A very spring-like Christmas forecast

–Showers may arrive as early as Friday

–Heavy rain and storms are likely Saturday night

–Turning cooler for Sunday

Main threats

Heavy rainfall and thunderstorms are likely Saturday night. Some of these storms may be on the strong side. At this time, widespread severe weather is not expected.


We’re in store for a very nice stretch of weather for our Christmas week! And your eyes aren’t fooling ya, we may hit 70 degrees over the next few days (or at least get awfully close!).

By Friday, our next storm system will be getting closer and we may see a shower or two. The main bulk of the rain should hold off until Saturday night.

At that time, a very strong cold front will cross the plateau. Models are showing significant wind shear that would support severe t-storms. However, it looks like instability will be weak, especially if it’s an overnight event, and that would keep storms more on the tame side.

After that front clears out, temps should get back to seasonal levels.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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On this day in 1988 a very warm Christmas Eve turned very stormy. A large and violent F-4 tornado carved a 6-mile path of destruction from near Franklin to near Brentwood, just south of Nashville. The twister destroyed 54 homes, 13 apartment units, 31 businesses, and six parked planes. One man was killed when a roof collapsed on him.

And just so we don’t forget that we can get ANYTHING this time of year……

On this day in 1963 Nashville was on its seventh straight day of subfreezing temperatures. This tied a record for the city. During this stretch of time, the temperature never rose above 32 degrees, and never fell below 5 degrees. That was a cold Christmas!

Tuesday Clues Day

Even if you don’t hear the thunder or see the dark clouds, you may get some clues that a storm is approaching by observing flower blossoms. Many flowers will close up their petals when a storm is approaching. Tulips and Dandelions tend to be some of the best flowers for observing this with. By closing up the blossoms, the flowers protect the fragile petals from damaging raindrops, allowing us to enjoy their beauty even longer.


NASA Knowledge

NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope has spotted a newly forming cluster of stars. They are a mere 100,000 years old. In a star’s life, they’re not even crawling yet (ha). The structure of this cluster resembles a snowflake. Therefore, it’s being called the “snowflake cluster.” Over time, the stars will naturally drift from this location and become their own entities.  We wish these baby stars all the best on their long, long journey to adulthood! Hey, it’s all about the journey, not the destination…right? ha


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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You all have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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