A beautiful day, but changes are coming

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Weather Headlines

–The next big rain maker arrives late Saturday night and Sunday

–Turning cooler for the start of the new work week (seasonal temps returning)

Main threats

Rain and storms will be moving onto the plateau late Saturday night and Sunday. Some of the storms could be on the strong side, though widespread severe weather is not expected at this time.


Our system for the weekend has slowed down. Now, it looks like the bulk of the rain and storms will arrive early Sunday morning.

But, for today we can expect nice weather! Get outside and enjoy it if you can.

Clouds increase for Friday. I probably should have added a sprinkle or shower to the forecast but the chance is so small I left it out.

Clouds thicken up even more on Saturday, but the daylight hours of Saturday should stay dry. As we go through the night, showers will develop and become quite widespread and heavy by Sunday morning. There will be some storms thrown in with that rain and some of them could contain gusty winds and heavy rainfall.

Skies clear out for Monday, setting the stage for a nice end to the 2019 year.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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A major snowstorm struck Utah on this day in 2003. As much as two feet of snow fell across the state. Several fatalities resulted from avalanches. Three of those fatalities were from skiers last spotted near the Aspen area, where avalanches were severe. Their bodies were never recovered.

The city of New York was hit by a severe snowstorm on this day in 1947. The storm claimed 27 lives. As much as 26 inches fell in the city, while as much as 32 inches fell across some suburbs. It took 30,000 people to remove 100 million tons of snow so that travel could be possible again!

Thirsty Thursday

Water can dissolve more substances than any other liquid on Earth. In fact, water dissolves more substances that even sulfuric acid can! So, if you need something dissolved chances are water is your friend!

NASA Knowledge

In her annual Christmas message, the Queen made a reference to NASA. It was a very good Christmas message and I strongly encourage you to give it a listen.


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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Cades Cove was beautiful yesterday. It was a little crowded but the weather was incredible. There wasn’t much wildlife stirring at all, but the scenery is always worth the drive.

I did manage to catch a deer just taking it easy on Christmas.

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You all have a great day!

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