Changes are coming

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Weather Headlines

–Rain develops tonight

–Rain and storms for our Sunday

–Seasonal temps returning next week

–No bitter cold air in sight

Main threats

Some storms on Sunday could be strong, with gusty winds and heavy rainfall. Widespread severe weather is not expected. The Storm Prediction Center has now placed the entire plateau in the MARGINAL RISK for severe weather. This is the lowest risk level of the five severe weather categories.

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We’ll see another day of mostly cloudy skies. There are some light rain showers isolated about the plateau this morning, but those are few and far between and very light.

The heavier rainfall will move in late tonight and early Sunday morning. That rain will be with us throughout the day Sunday. Expect rainfall amounts of 1-2 inches across the plateau by the time all is said and done with this system.

A few of the thunderstorms on Sunday could be on the strong side. At this time, severe weather is not expected. Some of the newest model data, however, does indicate that folks just east of the plateau may see more strong storms than we do on the plateau. If you’re traveling to Knoxville Sunday afternoon just keep that in mind. We could see a situation similar to 2005 that you’ll see in the Records section below. Again, widespread severe weather is not expected for any part of Tennessee.

Skies clear out on Monday and temps will return to seasonal levels. Our next system arrives either Wednesday night or Thursday. That system will also have the potential to produce 1-2 inches of rain to start our New Year rain bucket off with a watery start.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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A severe weather outbreak hit the Southeast on this day in 2005. The storms got fired up just east of the plateau. Severe weather reports were made from eastern Kentucky to Georgia, with Georgia being hardest hit by tornadoes. The map below is storm reports filed that day. Notice how many storms reports for wind and hail were made across East TN that day.


Saturday Weather Satire


NASA Knowledge

Back in October, Astronaut Christina Koch made history when she was part of the first all female duo to spacewalk outside the International Space Station (ISS). Today, she makes history again when she will break the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman. As of today, she has spent 300 days in space!

Christina will surpass Peggy Whitson’s record today of 299 days spent in space. Christina will spend 328 days total on the ISS before returning home.

Congratulations, Christina! We wish you all the very best.


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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You all have a great Saturday!


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