Flood Watch


Weather Headlines

–Flooding possible today through Friday.

–Wintry mix possible Saturday

Main threats

-A FLOOD WATCH  is in effect through noon Friday. Rain, heavy at times, will be with us through the day. Be careful out driving and never cross flooded roadways. Rainfall amounts of 2-3 inches will be common across the plateau by Saturday morning.

–A wintry mix of precip is possible Saturday. Accumulations, if any, are expected to stay around a dusting to half an inch. Monitoring.

–Gusty winds on Saturday could topple shallow-rooted trees in saturated soils.


The radar tells the story this morning. We have a rainy day in store for us! The radar below was the 8:50 a.m. radar view.


That rain will be heavy at times, especially this afternoon through tonight. Be careful if you must be out and about driving. It still looks like we’ll all see total of 2-3 inches of rain by Saturday morning, with folks south of I-40 seeing isolated 4 inch amounts.

The rain slacks off tomorrow but we should still see some showers around most of the day.

Another disturbance drops in on Saturday. This system will carry a lot of cold air aloft. Therefore, any precip that falls could be mixed with or change over to snow. Meanwhile, our surface temps will be hovering in the low to mid 30s. That should limit or prevent any accumulation. IF there is any moisture left over by Saturday night, we could see a dusting, as surface temps fall below freezing. I’ll keep monitoring this and update you as needed.

The greater threat on Saturday may be the gusty northwest winds. Any shallow-rooted trees in saturated soils could topple. It’s just something to keep in mind.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



A very strong cold front passed through Tennessee on this day in 1904. The afternoon high of 59 degrees in Nashville had dropped to 13 degrees by the next morning! That’s a 46-degree plunge in less than 24 hours. Wow…

A few years later, in 1910, the weather event of the day was focused out west in Utah and Nevada. That was when a tremendous flooding event took place that washed out 100 mile so railroad between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. The damage estimates were around 7 million dollars (in 1910 dollars!).

Thirsty Thursday

An inch of water covering one acre of land weighs 113 tons. Think about that when you see water-covered fields around here in the coming days!

NASA Knowledge

NASA has found a galaxy about 23 million light years away that is putting on quite the light show! It looks like a fireworks show. This fireworks show is compliments of a black hole, shock waves, and vast reservoirs of gas.

This galaxy is a spiral galaxy, like our own, except it has two extra spiral arms that intersect the galaxy. That is a bit odd, by our observing standards.

The shock waves are similar to sonic booms. The gas is super-heated and is equivalent to the heat of 10 million suns. The heat and shock waves are believed to be from the giant black hole, emitting spurts of high-energy particles.



When you become a NASA chaser (that’s a thing, right?) you become frugal with your travel money. I’ve always heard the best deals are found late at night. As I rang in the New Year, I decided to get on Travelocity and see if that was true. I found a round-trip plane ticket to Florida for $78! It’s a crappy airline but, hey, who’s complaining? lol I also found a killer deal on a rental car. Not too shabby, right?

Unfortunately, there are no good places to fly into for Wallops in a couple of weeks. The places I could fly into have airfares that are hundreds of dollars. That frugal travel budget would implode. haha Therefore, I’ll be a road warrior for that trip. It’s a beautiful drive….all 12 hours of it…

I’m so excited to have been selected for these two events! I can’t wait to see what all I learn, meet the other incredible people chosen, and share it all with you! Good times ahead!

Wx Hazards Across the Nation


You all have a great day!


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