Flood Watch Continues


Weather Headlines

–Flooding rains continue today

–Wintry mix for Saturday

–Gusty winds for Saturday

Main threats

–Flood watches continue through this afternoon

–Wintry mix of precip likely Saturday evening/night (light accumulation possible)

–Gusty winds on Saturday may topple shallow-rooted trees in saturated soils


Look for rain to continue today. It won’t be nearly as heavy as it was last night, but with soils already saturated, there’s no place for additional water to go. Be careful for ponding of water on roadways.

Periods of light rain and scattered showers will continue through our Saturday. However, as colder air filters into the atmosphere above, precip will change to a rain/snow mix in the afternoon. That will gradually change to all snow. As temps fall below freezing Saturday night, and if there’s still some moisture left over (about a 40% chance of that), then we could see some light accumulation. I don’t expect more than a dusting to a half an inch (at most).

The greater story of Saturday may be the gusty north winds that develop. With soils so saturated, any shallow-rooted trees could topple. We saw this a couple of Sunday’s ago and there were spotty power outages all across the plateau from fallen trees. Soils are many times more saturated than they were then.

On Sunday, we finally clear out! Unfortunately, that will be a short-lived break, as our next rain-maker prepares to move in by Monday night. That, too, could end as a light wintry mix Tuesday night.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



A tremendous snow storm dropped 12-18 inches of snow across Ohio on this day in 1994. Remarkably, Washington and Noble Counties received five inches of snow in just one hour! The snow was accompanied by frequent lightning (thundersnow).

For this next record, I had to do some research. The claim is that a three-day storm in Idaho resulted in eight inches of ice accumulation. Eight inches?! Keep in mind, the most ice I think we’ve ever seen here on the plateau is two inches and we know what kind of damage that can do!

As it turns out, this claim of eight inches of ice is true. A combination of dense fog and sporadic freezing rain in sub-freezing temps led to a three-day accumulation of eight inches. This is a record for the U.S. The previous record was 4-6 inches in New York state.

The Idaho ice storm occurred in rural areas and led to catastrophic damage to trees and powerlines. I can’t imagine!

Friday Weather Funny


NASA Knowledge

Good news! I found a pretty inexpensive plane ticket/rental car situation yesterday that will take me into Norfolk, Virginia from Nashville! This means I don’t have to make the 12-hour drive to Wallops, after all! I am very excited about this. Also, I didn’t even know Norfolk had an airport, so I had never checked it. Thanks, Eric Roseman for telling me to check on that! I fly out a week from Monday!

NASA shared this image of the glittering lights of Earth from the Space Station. They were just about to cross the Caspian Sea when this image was taken. Look how clear the stars are. Without Earths’ atmosphere in the way, the night sky is crystal clear from the Space Station.


Wx Hazards Across the Nation



If you haven’t been following the disaster taking place in Australia you should. They have experienced the hottest and driest summer on record. That has led to the worst wildfires on record. The human suffering is extraordinary and millions of animals have perished. It is unmatched by anything we have ever seen here in the US, including all the horrific fires we’ve seen out west over the past several years. In fact, we’ve never seen anything like this here in our country.

Below are just a few of the images. This is the subject of my weekly article to the papers, so you’ll be seeing this again a week from Sunday.

Be thankful for the rain.

You all have a great day!


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