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A wintry day

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Weather Headlines

–Rain and snow showers today. Little to no accumulation.

–Gusty winds expected as we go through the day and evening

Main threats

While we should see some snow flakes fly today, little, if any, accumulation will result. The main threat may be the increased winds we see as we go through the day. With soils so saturated, any shallow rooted trees could topple. That could lead to some spotty power outages again across the plateau.


The clouds will be with us through the day. The cold front has passed through and that has swept all the heavy rain well to our east. Never the less, there is still plenty of lingering moisture around. As the colder air works its way in, that moisture will be squeezed from the air in the form of rain showers. As temps get cooler, those rain showers will turn to snow showers.

With ground temps so warm, and air temps hovering above freezing most of the day, I can’t see us getting much of any accumulation. If there can be some snow flurries left over by the time we drop to freezing, we may see a dusting on rooftops, etc. That’s about it.

As we go through the day, the winds should increase in speed. The mountains are under high wind warnings. We aren’t under any advisories but winds could gust to 30 mph later today. That would be enough to push shallow rooted trees over if they are sitting in water. I see this quite often around the plateau and it always leads to some spotty power outages. Just be aware of that.

Our next system moves in Tuesday. Right now, it looks like it won’t be nearly as heavy as this past one. Still, more rain on saturated soils could lead to some minor flooding issues.

The next big rain-maker may arrive Friday. I’m watching that closely for the potential for more flooding issues.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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On this day in 1888 the city of Sacramento, California was blanketed with 3.5 inches of snow! This is an all-time record snow for the city. The closest they’ve come to breaking that record was when two inches fell back in 1976.

Saturday Weather Satire


NASA Knowledge

I finally got all my plane, rental car, and hotel plans taken care of for the two NASA Socials that I’ve been invited too! I ended up finding a reasonably priced plane ticket to Norfolk, VA, so I don’t have to make the 12-hour drive after all! This makes me very happy. ha

The first trip is on January 14 at Wallops and the second is at Cape Canaveral on Feb. 5. I can’t wait to share it all right here in the blog!

Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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The extended outlooks are already warning of more heavy rainfall for our area around the tenth to the sixteenth. I’ll keep an eye on this! Looking at model data, etc. it’s very easy to believe that we could be in for some widespread, heavy rainfall in that time frame.


You all have a great day!


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