Thursday Afternoon Wx Update

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Have you noticed those winds picking up yet? If you haven’t, you will! It’s looking like we could see some wind gusts in access of 50 mph over the next couple of days. These are non-thunderstorm winds. Keep in mind that we always have spotty power outages when winds get that gusty on the plateau.

Remember when I wrote in yesterday’s blog that the severe weather in the Deep South may be so bad that it robs us of energy for significant severe weather? Well, it’s looking more and more like that may end up being the scenario.

The Storm Prediction Center just upgraded parts of Louisiana to the moderate risk for severe weather for tomorrow. This is very unusual for this time of year. It’s January! Unfortunately, a significant tornado outbreak is likely for that state, as well as southern Arkansas, and that activity will likely spread eastward into Mississippi and eventually Alabama. That may keep us from getting worse storms than we otherwise would. FYI, Arkansas’ worst tornado outbreak on record occurred in January (1/21/1999).


Just stay tuned, folks. Know where you’ll be on Saturday and go ahead and think about where you would go if a warning is issued. Where will the kids be? Are grandma and grandpa thinking about the weather? Make sure everyone knows we have a chance for bad storms on Saturday. Having a plan reduces stress, especially if something happens.

If you know anyone who lives in Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama just give them a call and make sure they know a tornado outbreak looks very likely for them. Many folks just aren’t looking for tornadoes this time of year.

Middle Tennessee could be hit hard, too. If you travel west of the plateau on Saturday you better pay attention to the weather.

The timing of our storms is a bit concerning to me. It looks like the timeframe will be noon to 6:00 pm. (I’ll narrow that down in time). That’s the warmest time of the day. That may not bode well for us. I’ll keep an eye on it.

Just dust off your severe weather plans. You may not need it but I would rather have it and not use it then need it and not have it. Make sure everyone in the family knows what to do. Remember, protecting the head is the most important part! Get those bicycle helmets on! ha

As always, I’ll be watching it all. I honestly think the worst of the weather will be in Mississippi and Alabama on Saturday. I’d also be very nervous if I were in southern Middle TN. The main threat to us may be a fast-moving squall line. The good news with those is that they’re quick to pass through!

I’ll be watching it all for you!

Weather Update-DL3_091518_JT-01

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