Sever threat increasing for some, decreasing for others

As our initial line moves east, it broke. The strongest part of that is moving into southern Kentucky. Had it held southward, it would have arrived right at noon for us.  Now, we have to watch that activity you see in northern Alabama. That line will likely develop northward in time, as it pushes east. I’m just not sure the worst of it will make it as far north as Crossville. I’ll watch it.


This has become a very messy situation and one that is evolving. As of now (noon), there are no warnings on the plateau, though we do remain under a tornado watch until 1:00. I wouldn’t be surprised to see that extended a little bit.

With that line developing out of Alabama, the Storm Prediction Center has increased our risk for tornadoes, if only slightly. Straight-line winds remain the primary threat. Alabama is expecting some strong tornadoes. Again, if those storms get especially active, it could steal a lot of our atmosphere’s energy.

If that first line had pushed through we’d all be alright. But, it didn’t.

It looks to me like those of you north of I-40 and were affected by that first line, have a much lower risk of severe storms than the rest of us do for the rest of the day.

Just stay weather aware through the afternoon. It now looks like it will be more like 2:00 or so before I will be able to give the all-clear.

You all stay tuned and stay safe.

This is another radar view, showing the Alabama storms better. Notice how that line is trying to develop northward. I’ll give hourly updates (or sooner, as needed) until this has pushed through. We may end up sandwiched between two bad areas of storms and just get heavy downpours and gusty winds.


Weather Update-DL3_091518_JT-01

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