Winter’s reality check

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Weather Headlines

–Winter returns in full force by tonight

Main threats

As temps dip to readings we haven’t seen in some time, make sure the people and outdoor pets in your life are prepared to stay warm.


The wind and rain of this morning will continue for our Saturday. It’s not all that cold today, but the wind makes it feel much colder.

By tonight, winds will subside and skies will begin to clear. That will set the stage for a tumbling thermometer! Expect temps by Sunday morning to be around 20 degrees. You think that’s cold? Wait until Monday morning, when we’re around 10-15 degrees. Brrrrr

The rest of our week looks good, at least as far as sky conditions are concerned. That temp will be cold but the sunshine will help it look and feel a bit warmer. At least the sunshine helps to warm the inside of your car during the day. That’s always nice when it’s cold outside! ha

The next system moves in by the end of the week, with more rain chances.


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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On this day in 1857 a fierce snowstorm swept up the Atlantic Seaboard. Snowfall amounts of over 12 inches were common, along with sub-zero temperatures. Transportation was impossible from Richmond, Virginia to Washington DC for a week.

Saturday Satellites (facts/stories about satellites!) 

TIROS-1 was the first weather satellite. Launched on April 1, 1960 (April Fool’s Day, of all days. ha), TIROS-1 is considered the first successful weather satellite in history.

The satellite carried two tiny television cameras, each weighing about two pounds. One camera captured a wide view of Earth, while the other recorded a narrower, but more detailed view. Pictures were taken every 30 seconds.


The first images from TIROS-1 look very crude to us today, but in 1960 this was absolutely thrilling!


NASA Knowledge

Astronaut training takes two years. The last time a request was made for astronaut applications was in 2017. That class has now graduated. In fact, they walked the stage on January 10. They are pictured below. The next round of applicants is being sought this spring. The class you see here is the first for the Artemis program that will take us to the Moon again and eventually to Mars.


To be an astronaut you simply apply. What’s not simple is that thousands apply for just a few positions. In 2017, over 18,000 people applied. The most common characteristic is with having a pilot’s license or being an engineer. Not having one of those by no means disqualifies you. The minimum height requirement is 4’10 and the maximum is 6’4″.

I’m a 6’3″ meteorologist. Just sayin’. haha

You all have a great day!

Forecast_Template - 2020-01-18T080256.527

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