No worries, snow flurries


Weather Headlines

–Chances of snow flurries today through Tuesday morning. No widespread impacts are anticipated.

–New rain system arrives Friday

Main threats

-Bundle up and be ready for more cold temps!

-Snow flurries will amount to a dusting (at best). Still, be careful on any roads that may become white with snow.


A system has dropped in from the north, producing snow flurries. These events rarely add up to more than a dusting of accumulation. The precip is so light it’s hard to even see on radar (if at all). Another piece of energy will drop in tonight and tomorrow morning, producing more chances for flurries. Whenever the air is this cold it can only hold a very little bit of moisture. Therefore, if any moisture is added it tends to fall out of the air in the form of snow flurries.

The next system of significance will move in Thursday night and Friday. This system should be an all-rain event. It’s too early to know what kind of a weekend we will have just yet.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



On this day in 1918 McMinnville set their all-time record snowfall for one day, when 10″ of snow fell.

And, on this day in 1985, the Cumberland Plateau experienced its coldest temperatures on record. The city of Crossville recorded a low of -21, while the Crossville Experiment Station recorded a low of -25. Brrrrrrr.

Monday Sun Day

A scientist and philosopher from modern-day Turkey by the name of Anaxagoras was the first to suggest the sun is a star. It is estimated that this happened at around 450 BC. I’m glad he didn’t name it after himself! How would we pronounce that? ha

NASA Knowledge

Astronauts Koch and Meir are performing their third spacewalk to replace space station batteries. NASA has been airing it live this morning. We wish them a successful mission! Watch live at the link below.

Wx Hazards Across the Nation


You all have a great day!


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