A wintry forecast


Weather Headlines

–Rain moves out by Monday afternoon

–A light wintry mix is possible late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning

–Another system may bring either rain or wintry weather for the weekend (monitoring)

Main threats

Light wintry precip Wednesday morning could create some slick spots on area roads. Stay tuned for updates on this weather situation.

More wintry precip may be possible on Saturday. It’s too early to know what, if any, impacts will result from this. I’m watching this closely and will update as more info becomes available and we get closer to that time period.


We’ll see our morning rain gradually taper off as we near the afternoon hours. That should leave us with just mostly cloudy skies to end our Monday.

If you’re headed east today, the Smoky Mountains are under winter weather advisories for today and tonight. The rain that is moving through us right now will run into colder air in the mountains, leading to some wintry precip.

Before we can fully clear out from this system, clouds from the next system will be poised to move in. That system will begin to produce light precip late into Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning. With temps at or below freezing, that precip could be in the form of a light wintry mix. That mix should change to rain showers as we get up into the day.

That system moves out and leaves us with partly to mostly cloudy skies on Thursday, before the next questionable system moves in by Friday afternoon.

That weekend system has the potential to deliver some wintry weather to the plateau Friday night and Saturday. It’s something to just keep in mind if you have plans in that time period. If that system tracks a bit north of us, we’ll see plain rain. If that system tracks over or south of us, we would have a better chance for wintry precip. I’ll keep a close eye on this as we go through the week.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



The folks in Oswego, New York had probably had about all the snow they wanted on this day in 1966. A five day Lake-Effect snow event left that town buried under 8.5 FEET of snow!

I suppose I’d be satisfied with that much snow….. haha

Monday Sun Day

The sun’s core is about 15 times the density of lead and holds nearly half the sun’s mass. Yet, the core only makes up about 2% of the sun’s total volume.

We’ll talk about the radiative zone in next week’s Monday Sun Day!


NASA Knowledge

NASA has released a new poster showing the astronauts of 2020! The poster even features a picture of the Earth and the International Space Station.


Wx Hazards Across the Nation



Merit Badge University at Tennessee Tech on Saturday was the 35th anniversary of this event! My class went very well and the boys did an excellent job earning their weather merit badges. I have the boys for seven hours, so having a good assistant is key to a great day. Luckily, I was assigned an engineering student from Tech who was just as excited about weather as the kids were! ha It was a very good day.


You all have a great day!



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