Watching for some wintry precip


Weather Headlines

–A light wintry mix late tonight and Wednesday morning could lead to some slick spots on area roads.

–Another round of a light wintry mix is possible Saturday

–Guidance suggest a warming trend for next week, with above normal temperatures expected

Main threats

Just be cautious if you must travel late tonight and/or Wednesday morning. While wintry precip will be on the light side, it only takes a little bit of ice to make for slick spots.

Another round of wintry precip is possible Saturday morning. While there is uncertainty with that forecast, it is something to keep in mind. I’ll be watching that closely.


Dense fog will be slow to move out this morning. Once it does move along, we’ll be left with mostly cloudy skies. These clouds are streaming in ahead of our next storm system that will move in late tonight. With the low tracking to our south, we will remain on the colder side of the system. This will set the stage for some light wintry precip. The precip should fall in the form of light snow/flurries, but some freezing drizzle is not out of the question. Amounts will be light, resulting in a dusting or so of accumulation (as it looks right now).

That wintry mix should turn to some light rain showers as temps warm on Wednesday. That precip should end by the afternoon.

The break from precip will be short-lived, as our next system gathers strength and makes plans to move in on Friday. It still isn’t clear just how much precip we will get from that system, but the chance of rain on Friday is increasing. That rain will have a chance to turn to a wintry mix by Friday night and Saturday morning. Again, wintry precip amounts should be on the light side, but it’s something to monitor and I’ll be doing just that!

Skies should gradually clear on Sunday as a new pattern emerges. This new pattern should bring much warmer temps. With warmer temps comes more rain, though, and that’s exactly what it looks like we’ll be dealing with again after Monday.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast



The record low of -34 at Cynthiana, Kentucky on this day in 1963 equaled the state record that had been established just four days earlier in Bonnieville. That was a cold week! Bonnieville is located between Bowling Green and Louisville, while Cynthiana is just northeast of Lexington.

On this day in 1989 Nome, Alaska recorded an all-time low temperature of 54 degrees below zero. The temperature at Fairwell dropped to -69 that day. Deadhorse, Alaska had a low of 49 below zero and a wind chill reading of 114 degrees below zero. That’s a bit chilly, folks! ha

Twister Tuesday (new section)

A tornado is a violently rotating column of air that extends from the base of a cloud to the ground. The funnel does NOT need to be visible. In fact, there are many times when the rotating column is in contact with the ground with no visible funnel. This is why we tell you not to wait until you see a tornado before you take cover. There may not be one to see!

In the photo below, a debris cloud rotates on the ground, beneath the funnel extending down from the cloud. This is a tornado because the column of rotation extends from the cloud to the ground, even with no visible funnel in between.


NASA Knowledge

A new spacecraft will be journeying to the sun very soon! The mission is to get never-before-seen pictures of the sun’s north and south poles. The rocket that will carry this spacecraft into space is scheduled to launch on Feb. 7. There’s actually a NASA Social for this and I was accepted to go, which is always a thrill and an honor. However, due to uncertainties with my job I’ve had to pass on this one. I’ll definitely be watching from my computer screen, though, and wishing the mission all the best!

This is a 7-year mission and there’s just no telling what all will be learned. We’ve never been able to look at the sun from above or below, so we just don’t know for sure what we will see! This spacecraft will get as close to the sun as any craft designed by humans can currently get. What an exciting mission!

If you will recall, I had the privilege of being at the launch of the Parker Solar Probe this past summer. That craft will work with this craft to create a scientific plethora of data! What an exciting time to be studying the sun!


Wx Hazards Across the Nation



The classroom for the next MASTER Class for kids has been reserved! The class will meet Thursday, February 20 at 4:30 at Roane State. Be sure and get registered and then mark it on your calendar! Remember, you must be registered in order to take the class. You may register by going to this link:

You all have a great day!


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