Evening weather update

Radar is beginning to show some echoes of moisture in southwest Middle TN. That activity is moving our way. These initial echoes on radar will have a tough time reaching the ground before evaporating. Never the less, as we go through the night, and near the morning hours of Wednesday, we should start to see some of that very light precip making it to the ground. Keep in mind, sometimes these events are so light that little to nothing makes it to the ground.


Since temps will be at or slightly below freezing all night, any precip that falls could be in the form of a light wintry mix. That could accumulate to a glaze or dusting in places, which could be enough to make some slick spots on the roads in the morning. Just be aware of that. This should be in the form of very light snow/snow flurries but if freezing drizzle or sprinkles get in the mix that could make things trickier.

As of now, the NWS in Nashville does not feel it’s necessary to issue any kind of winter weather advisories. They just don’t feel there will be enough moisture to cause travel problems. I agree, so long as freezing drizzle or some freezing sprinkles don’t mix in.

Looking at the bigger picture, you can see there’s not a whole lot of moisture to work with and the bulk of the moisture should stay just to our south, as this system moves east.


This is by no means a winter storm, but it is something you need to be mindful of in the morning.

You all have a good night!



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