Tonight’s wintry mischief

Many of us are nerding out this afternoon, watching how clearly the circulation with our next system shows up in the Red River Valley along the Oklahoma/Texas border. That is the system that will bring us a wintry mix in the morning. How cool is that on satellite?


The system is kicking up some moisture and that moisture will run into some colder air here on the plateau late tonight and into Wednesday morning. Some of that precip could fall as a light wintry mix. Be careful if you’re out and about later tonight and/or Wednesday morning. It’s not looking like it will amount to much, but it only takes a little to cause problems.


I’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on this and will update again later this evening, after all the newest data has come in. Again, this isn’t looking like a big deal but we don’t need a lot of wintry precip to cause problems.

The other big story this afternoon is the magnitude 7.7 earthquake that has occurred in the Caribbean. This may be the most powerful quake ever recorded in that region. Thankfully, it was away from major land masses and occurred about six miles below the surface of the earth. The tsunami threat appears to be very minimal. Still, the quake was felt all the way to Miami. Seismographs recorded shock waves as far north as Connecticut.


I’ll keep an eye on our snow chances for tonight!

You all have a great afternoon and evening!


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