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Super Bowl Sunday’s weather is looking super!

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Weather Headlines

–A very nice Sunday is on the way

–A significant rain-maker is coming early next week

Main threats

The main threat in this forecast period appears to be the heavy rainfall coming for next week. From the start of the rainfall Monday night to the ending of the heaviest rainfall by Thursday morning, we could be looking at widespread rainfall totals of 2-4 inches across the plateau, with locally higher amounts possible.

This system will produce severe weather in the Deep South. At this time, that looks to stay south of Tennessee. Still, a strong storm or two can’t be ruled out in our area. I’ll keep an eye on it.


Clouds are your friend for today. Well, at least they want to be!

Look for some showers and sprinkles to fall from these clouds from time to time today. Most of that should taper off by this evening. Any rain that falls will be on the light side. It’s basically just a cool and cloudy Saturday.

Then, we get treated to a very pleasant Sunday! Be sure and enjoy the nice weather because we’re going to pay for it next week. But, don’t despair because I think we’re going to get a nice Monday too. The only catch with Monday is that clouds will be increasing and it could be a bit breezy. Otherwise, it will be very warm for this time of year.

That warm air is coming up from the Gulf of Mexico and will set the stage for a very wet week. The heaviest of rains will arrive Tuesday night and Wednesday. We’ll have to be mindful of flooding, as a few inches of rain may fall.

That rain is slow to move out and it looks like clouds and showers will be with us through Friday.

The models then diverge on what next weekend will be like, with some saying more heavy rain and others saying we’ll be dry. Fingers crossed for the drier solution!


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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It’s always interesting when you get lightning with wintry precipitation, but on this day in 1893 that was even more odd in St. Louis. On that day, sleet, snow, and lightning were reported in the city, with an air temperature an astonishingly low reading of 13 degrees!

The worst ice storm in US history hit on this day in 1951. The ice storm stretched from Texas to Pennsylvania. In some places, ice reached a depth of four inches. Tennessee was hardest hit, with utilities in some areas being down for up to ten days.

Saturday Snow Day (replacing Saturday Satire)

The largest snowflake ever recorded was in Fort Keogh, Montana. That snowflake measured 15 inches across!

Pictured below are huge snowflakes that fell in Northbrook, Illinois back in 2012. Notice how big the flakes are, especially when they land on the sidewalk. Imagine a snowflake 15 inches in across!

NASA Knowledge

I had a BLAST Friday afternoon speaking with the 5th and 6th graders at Pleasant Hill Elementary School! I talked with them about how NASA helps us out in meteorology. They also wanted to hear all about rockets and I could talk about rockets ….all…day…long. (ha) Seriously, it was fun getting the kids excited about space exploration and the rockets that will make that possible. And, of course, it’s always so cool to share some of my NASA Social adventures with them.

I had some GOOD questions too! “What if we find a plant on the Moon?” and “Do you think there’s life out there somewhere?” Good questions, for sure!



Next week I’ll be speaking to the Kindergarten classes at Baxter Primary School. If you would like me to come speak to your classes about weather or NASA just reach out and we’ll schedule a time! You may reach me at or through this blog.

You all have a great day!


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