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An active weather pattern continues

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Weather Headlines

–Rain returns tonight

–Heavy rainfall possible this week

Main threats

Rain will be heavy at times over the next few days, resulting in total rainfall amounts of 2-4 inches across the plateau by Friday morning. Flooding could be a concern in flood-prone areas. With rainfall being spread over a period of days, widespread flooding issues are not as likely.


Clouds will be on the increase today, ahead of our next storm system. That storm system will bring widespread rainfall to the plateau in the coming days. The good news is that temps will be mild and the severe weather will stay well to our south.

Speaking of mild…I am forecasting a high of 65 today. As you all know, I forecast temps by increments of 5. Temperatures vary so much across the plateau that I just forecast a general temp. If we reach 68 degrees at the airport we will tie a record high. High thin clouds moving in are the only thing keeping us from getting to 70 today. Sure doesn’t feel like February!

I may have to add some snow flurries to Thursday night in later outlooks. I would have added them today but every time I put a snowflake on the 7-day outlook for a day that is 4+ days out I end up taking it out (ha).


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Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast

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Wx Hazards Across the Nation

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On this day in 1998 the Cumberland Plateau was struck by a surprise snowstorm. Cold rain was expected to fall for that day and night. However, by the evening of the third heavy wet snow was falling. Interstate 40 was closed at Monterey for 18 hours. Tree and power line damage was extensive, resulting in up to five million dollars in damages.

I remember measuring 10 inches of snow here at my house. The snow fell on warm ground so it was melting on the bottom-most layer. I learned two lessons from this event. First, never count on warm ground to save you from accumulation. Two, you don’t have to have cold air moving in from the north to get snow.

This was a complicated system, for sure. The area of low pressure exploded off the coast of South Carolina. That drug down cold air from aloft, changing our cold rain to a warm snow. The result was a damaging wet snow storm. The snow fell fast and hard!

This is the first and only time I’ve ever had my weather radio go off for snow. The situation became so serious, so quickly that weather radios were alarmed to let everyone know how bad things were getting.

With heavy snow and wind gusts to 50 mph, this satisfied the definition of a blizzard. So, you can literally say that on this day in 1998 we were surprised by a blizzard. This came just five years after the blizzard of 1993, which was also a surprise.

Monday Sun Day

Unlike the planets, the sun is a big ball of hydrogen gas. This means that different parts of it rotate at different speeds. For instance, it takes the equator of the sun 25 Earth days to complete a rotation, while the Poles take 36 days.

NASA Knowledge

I’ve been reading a book called Riding Rockets that I highly recommend! The book was recommended by a friend and it is a MUST READ for anyone who wants to know what it’s REALLY like to be an astronaut. It’s both humorous and informative. A must read for any space enthusiasts! Check it out!



I wasn’t sure I could to the blog this morning but I made it! (ha) I’m sick for the second time this winter, which is very unusual for me. This time it’s congestion and a throat that feels like sandpaper. I feel better than I did yesterday, though, so that’s good. Still, I took the day off from work to get some more R&R.

You all have a great day!

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