6:30 Weather Update

Showers are already trying to develop across the state this evening. Those showers will continue developing as we go through the night. That will set the stage for a very wet Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday. The green-shaded region you see to our west is for general thunderstorms that are possible tonight in those areas.


As we go through the next couple of days, the threat for storms will increase to our south, with severe weather possible. Thankfully for us here on the plateau, that severe stuff will stay south of us.

The main threat facing our area is the 2-4 inches of rain coming our way this week. Keep this in mind if you live in a flood-prone area.

Water vapor imagery is shown below. Notice how impressive that moisture feed is from the south, streaming up the Mississippi River Valley. That moisture is flowing over cold air across the southern plains, leading to an impressive winter storm. That cold air won’t make it to us until the moisture has moved out (Thursday). It’s always hard for cold air at the surface to move east when the upper-level flow is so strong from the south. Water vapor imagery shows that strong southerly flow quite well.


Again, look for rain to continue developing tonight and sticking with us through at least Thursday. We may get a break on Friday, however, guidance is beginning to strongly suggest that a cold and wet Saturday may be in the cards for us. I’ll keep an eye on that. If temperatures trend colder, we may be looking at something wintry.

You all have a great evening!


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