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Evening Weather Update on Rain and Storms

We have plenty of rain coming our way, that’s for sure. It’s becoming more widespread as I type. Don’t be too surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder tonight, as well.

Tomorrow will be more active. We have a lot of rain coming for tomorrow afternoon and evening. That, too, will be accompanied by thunder.

I’ve been looking at the latest model data and guidance and it’s looking more likely that rainfall amounts may be a bit higher than forecast. Be aware of that. I’ve been forecasting 2-4 total inches of rainfall (Tues-Fri) from this event but some of you all may get 2-3 inches just tomorrow.

In addition, the atmosphere will destabilize and that could set the stage for some strong storms. The worst of the severe weather will stay to our south, but a couple of strong storms could sneak up on the plateau. I’ll keep an eye on that.

All in all, the main threat on Wednesday will be heavy rainfall. The secondary threat would be gusty winds with any stronger storm that forms. I’ll be watching all of this tomorrow and updating you, as needed.

As always, the morning blog will be chock full of details, too. I’ll also have the latest on any wintry mischief we may have Thursday night and Saturday.

Below is a current look at the radar, showing plenty of moisture coming our way. The counties shaded in green to our east are under flood watches for Wednesday.


The wet weather continues for the next week. Below is a National Weather Service graphic showing rainfall totals over the next seven days. It looks like we’re right in the middle of it all! Lucky us! ha


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