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Rain, thunder, then some snow?


Weather Headlines

–Heavy rain and storms expected today

–Rain changes to light snow for Friday

–Light rain and snow expected Saturday

–Yet another storm system arrives Monday with more rain

Main threats

A FLOOD WATCH is in effect now until Thursday morning at 6:00 a.m. Rain, heavy at times, will lead to flooding across the plateau, especially in the more flood-prone areas.

Some thunderstorms could also develop across the plateau today. Some of those storms could contain gusty winds and torrential rainfall.

Light snow on Saturday could lead to some slick spots on area roads. Impacts are not expected to be significant, but a few slick areas may develop where snow persists the longest.


Rain will be with us for today and that rain will come down heavy at times. Please be careful if you’re out and about today. We also have a good chance for some thunderstorms. Those will have the potential to produce even heavier rainfall and gusty winds. As always, be aware of that cloud-to-ground lightning, too.

Rain tapers to more of a rain shower event for our Thursday. Temperatures will be tumbling, too, as a cold front makes it way across the state during the day. Those falling temps will change rain showers to snow showers and light snow by Friday morning. Those snow flakes will likely keep flying around through our day on Friday. Snowfall accumulation should stay under an inch (as it looks right now).

Then, another system moves in for Saturday. This one is much, much weaker than our current one and will bring light precipitation to the region. With temperatures staying in the 30s for the duration of the event, some of that will fall as snow, rain, and a rain/snow mix. It is too early to determine if any accumulation will result, but the best chance of that occurring would be before noon on Saturday. If you have travel plans for Saturday morning just be aware of that.

Sunday is looking good at this point, but another storm system will be getting ready to move in for Monday.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast


Wx Hazards Across the Nation



One of the worst tornado outbreaks in Middle TN history struck on this day in 2008. At least 14 tornadoes touched down across the region, with an EF-3  killing 22 people in Sumner County, just northeast of Nashville. This was the deadliest single tornado to hit Middle TN in 75 years. Overall, this is the 6th worst tornado outbreak in Middle TN history.

This outbreak led to my first encounter with a tornado. I was storm chasing in West TN and intersected the EF-4 that hit Jackson, TN that evening. It was a huge, half-mile wedge tornado that created a scene of destruction that was like something out of a sci-fi movie. It was an experience I will never forget.

Wednesday Weather Word of the Day

Brontophobia (bränt-ə-ˈfō-bē-ə)

An irrational fear of thunder. For those who suffer from this, thunder creates a high level of anxiety, even though the thunder may pose no real threat to them.

NASA Knowledge

Astronaut Christina Koch is set to return to Earth today after 328 days living and working aboard the International Space Station. Her mission is the longest single spaceflight by any woman, which is helping scientists gather data for future missions to the Moon and Mars. She snapped this ultimate selfie this week.


You all have a great day!



2 thoughts on “Rain, thunder, then some snow?

  1. I have a fear thunder always have even though I know can’t harm me, but at the same time I know lightning follows thunder, and I’m afraid of lighting also,I never was afraid of storms until the one that hit here in crossville in 1990, with all the hail fell wind lighting thunder my sister and I were in her home with 2 newborn boys ,I don’t think I had been more scared than that day,and from that storm on I have been terrified of storms.

    1. Oh gosh, Cindy! I’m so sorry to hear that. A lot of folks who have been through tornadoes, etc are just absolutely terrified of storms and they get so anxious just to hear thunder. Hopefully, we won’t hear too much of that thunder today and you can just enjoy the sound of the rain.

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