4:00 Storm Update

The Storm Prediction Center will be issuing a tornado watch for northern Alabama within the next hour or two, per the latest discussion released from them. The atmosphere is quite unstable down there and conditions are favorable for tornadoes in that region. Temps are in the upper 60s down there, with scattered showers. Crossville is currently 58 degrees with rain. Our atmosphere is much more stable and rain-cooled.

I’ve noticed storms struggling as they approach the plateau. Lightning activity really drops off as the storms near us.

Never the less, we should still be on the lookout for any stronger storms that may sneak up our way. They could contain some gusty winds and with our saturated soils, that could easily topple some trees.

As darkness falls, our atmosphere will stabilize a bit more. This all means that the greatest severe threat (by far) will stay generally south of Tennessee. The only real concern I have in our state is for the counties that border Alabama and Georgia, including the city of Chattanooga.

Be careful out driving in the rain, especially when it gets dark. Don’t drive across flooded roads. It could be your last.

Below is the current view of the radar, showing plenty of rain bisecting our region. I’ll keep you all posted through the evening! Take care.



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