Lunch Weather Update for Storms

First of all, the flood watch as been extended until noon Thursday.

Now, for the stormy part…

The Storm Prediction Center has upgraded the convective outlook for today and some things have changed. The severe weather threat has increased substantially for folks to our south across Mississippi and Alabama. In fact, tornado watches are about to be issued for parts of those areas. Since that threat increased so much, they increased the threat across southern Middle TN and even the southern plateau.

Many of us are now in the marginal risk, with those of you in extreme southern Cumberland County now in the slight risk. This is to account for any strong to severe storm that survives to get up here from northern Alabama. Thankfully, our atmosphere is substantially more stable than the atmosphere across Alabama. That will really help us out!

With that being said, I’ve said all along that we had a risk for a strong storm or two. This rain-cooled, stable airmass here at the surface is going to make it quite difficult to get anything significantly severe up in our neck of the woods. The tornado threat is very low and the “1” designation seen in the graphic below is mainly for southern Middle TN.

The greater threat for the plateau continues to be flooding rains. The secondary threat would be gusty winds with any storm that develops.

For those of you who may be reading this in Bledsoe County, your risk for a severe storm is higher than for the rest of the plateau, especially toward the southern end of the county. Just keep that in mind.


I’ll be keeping an eye on things and updating, as needed!


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