Floods and snow


Weather Headlines

–Flooding continues this morning. Be careful out there.

–Rain changes to snow tonight. Light snow continues on Friday. Light accumulations of a dusting to an inch are possible.

–Rain and snow return Saturday, with possible light accumulations

–More rain, some of which could be heavy, returns for next week

Main threats

Flooding is the main threat today. Be careful out driving and don’t drive across flooded roads.

Light snow may create slick spots on area roadways Friday. Be careful.

Mixed precip on Saturday could create more travel problems, especially in the morning hours.


You all ready for the sun to shine again? I have good news and bad news. The good news is that the sun should shine on Sunday. The bad news is that Sunday may be the only day in the 7-day outlook that the sun shines.

I guess I have a bit more good news. IF all this rain had been snow we’d have 4-7 feet across the plateau, depending on where you live. I’d have exactly six feet at my house. What a sight I’d be in that! ha

Rain will gradually taper off today. Showers will still be around but the persistent, heavy rains we’ve seen over the past 12 hours will have moved east of us. The showers will still be around as colder air moves in tonight. That will change rain showers to snow showers and light snow. Some of those snow showers could be a bit intense at times.

Below is the current radar, showing plenty more showers to come.


With a warm, wet ground it will be hard to accumulate snow, but some of you may still see some accumulation, especially on cars and rooftops, etc. Up to one inch is possible across the plateau, though I think many of us will stay around a dusting to a half inch. The farther north you live on the plateau the better your chances of accumulation (esp around Livingston to Jamestown). The NWS is considering issuing winter weather advisories for us tonight. I’ll keep you posted.

Then, another system moves in on Saturday. With temps hanging out in the 30s, much of that precip will either be in the form of snow or a rain/snow mix. Again, light accumulations are possible, especially Saturday morning.

THEN, if you can believe it, the sun could shine on Sunday! I’ll believe it when I see it. ha Please soak that sun up because guess what’s coming next week? You guessed it! More rain!



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast


Wx Hazards Across the Nation



Today is the anniversary of the famous “Cold Friday” of 1807. How cold was it? It was reported that not one single location in all of Ohio or Kentucky rose above zero degrees on that day. Brrrrr

I’ve had over seven inches of rain at my house since Tuesday. On this day in 1987, that much rain fell in only two hours on Brownsville, Texas. The flooding was worse than the catastrophic floods from Hurricane Beulah in 1967.

Thirsty Thursday

Even though water is absolutely essential for life, it contains zero calories and no organic nutrients. It is simply a transparent bond between two hydrogen and one oxygen atoms. Such a simple, seemingly useless bond, but one that makes all life on Earth possible.


NASA Knowledge

Astronaut Christina Koch has made it safely home! The returned early this Thursday morning near Kazakhstan. She logged 328 days in space, the most of any woman. She was in the International Space Station (ISS) for 5, 248 orbits, which equals to 139 million miles. She conducted six spacewalks during her 11 months in orbit, including the first all-woman spacewalk. She spent a total of 42 hours and 15 minutes outside the station. What a happy day this must be for Koch and her family!

Expedition 61 Soyuz Landing

Astronauts Parmitano and Skvortsov also completed missions and returned safely with Koch. Together, Parmitano and Skvortsov completed 201 days in space, traveling 85.2 million miles.

The ISS now has only a three person crew on board now and will do so until April. Then, three more astronauts will join them and make for a crew of six again. That leaves so many of us wondering, will those astronauts launch from American soil, as Elon Musk has hinted? If so, it would be the first time since 2011 that astronauts had done so. I guess we wait and see! (And YES, I will be there for that if I have to crawl down there!) ha


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