Snow Update (9:30 pm). Some advisories are being issued.

I just wanted to pass along some updated information. The NWS in Morristown has now decided to issue a WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY for Bledsoe and Rhea Counties. The advisory shows up as those counties shaded in blue on the map below. Accumulations of one half inch to 2 inches are possible in those areas. The two-inch amounts are most likely for the highest elevations. This advisory is from 5:00 a.m. to noon.

The NWS Nashville has decided to just issue a SPECIAL WEATHER STATEMENT for Cumberland, Van Buren and White Counties for now. They say they will monitor these areas for a a possible winter weather advisory, but their confidence isn’t high enough to issue one yet. If one is issued later, it would probably be for southern Cumberland County and all of White County.

What does all this mean? It means that my statements in my previous post are holding true. The greatest risk for snow accumulation is for you folks along and south of I-40. It’s looking less likely that those of us north of the interstate will see anything except for some flurries, at best.

If you’re traveling southward in the morning be aware that roads could be very slick.


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