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Baldwin’s Blog for Tuesday, February 11

…And the rains came down…


Weather Headlines

–Heavy rainfall and strong storms are possible Wednesday

–Turning much colder Thursday night

–More rain returns Sunday

Main threats

Be careful around any flooded roadways or streams. Remember, it doesn’t take much water to get you in serious trouble.

Strong to severe storms, as well as additional heavy rainfall, will be possible Wednesday night. It won’t take much rainfall to aggravate flooding situations. It also won’t take much wind to topple trees in saturated soils. I would prepare for sporadic power outages and I would prepare to deal with flooded roads. The main activity will likely occur after dark.

Much colder air moves in Thursday night. It’s been so warm out lately. Make sure your budding plants are protected (am I saying this in the middle of February?) and make sure your pets are warm AND dry.


We have plenty more rain where this all came from, folks. Keep that rain gear handy. At least today and tonight’s rain will be of the “rain shower” type of activity and not heavy downpours.

By Wednesday, that rain gets heavier. The bulk of this activity will occur after dark. During they day, we should just see some showers and very breezy conditions. Hopefully the sun doesn’t come out any because that would just destabilize the atmosphere even more. I’ll keep an eye on that.

The line of storms will come through during the night and they will be capable of damaging, straight-line winds. We can’t rule out an isolated tornado, but I think the heavy rainfall and straight-line wind threat will be our greatest concerns. It won’t take much wind at all to topple some of these trees.

Then, temperatures drop. We’ll see some very cold temperatures by Thursday night. Make sure you’re ready for that dip. The good news is that we should get to dry out for a couple of days.

Then, we’ll see another rain system move in Sunday. I’ll have more details on that later on.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast




On this day in 1899 the temperature dropped to 61 below zero in Montana. At the same time, the “Great Eastern Blizzard” left a blanket of snow from Georgia to New Hampshire. Some places had up to 40 inches of snow.

Twister Tuesday

The deadliest tornado on record struck impoverished areas of Bangladesh on April 26, 2989. At least 1,300 people were killed.


I had a wonderful time at Baxter Primary yesterday morning! I had six classes of Kindergartners to talk to! They were so well behaved and had such good questions.

You all have a great day!


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