Tuesday afternoon wx update (2:20 pm)

The Storm Prediction has updated the convective outlook for tomorrow and I have some good news. They have decided to drop the plateau from the slight risk. Could they bring it back before tomorrow night? Of course. But, for now anyway, we’re trending in the right direction. We do, however, remain in the marginal risk, which is the lowest of the five severe weather risk categories. I should mention that the slight risk is just to our south and includes areas of southern Middle TN.


The flood threat remains high for tomorrow evening, so we have still have to be very mindful of that. We are now under new flash flood watches for Wednesday night. I’d expect at least another 1-2 inches of rain. Up until now we’ve just been under flood watches. Now, it’s a flash flood watch. That’s because the rain could come down heavy and fast tomorrow night, leading to rapid rises in water.

Keep in mind that any storm that puts down any wind at all will be capable of downing trees in this saturated soil. I’ll have to keep a close watch on that.

I just wanted to be sure and pass along the good news about the severe weather.

You all have a good afternoon. I’ll update you on everything again later this evening.



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