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Tuesday evening weather update (7:30 pm)

I just wanted to give you all a quick update on the weather situation evolving for tomorrow. First of all, we have nothing but cold rain showers for tonight. They shouldn’t add up to too much. It’s just a cold, damp night out there.

This cold air is compliments of a cold front that slipped south of us this afternoon. That same cold front will begin to move north in the morning, in the form of a warm front. Anytime you get warm, moist air riding up and over cool, moist air you get a recipe for light to moderate rainfall. And that’s exactly what we’ll have by Wednesday afternoon across the plateau.

As the warm front makes it way northward, we will eventually find ourselves on the warm side of that front. That will create an atmosphere capable of supporting very heavy downpours of rain, as well as thunderstorms. Some of those storms will be on the strong side, perhaps even severe. With wind fields favorable for rotation, we can’t even rule out a very isolated, brief tornado. This is a very similar situation to what we had last Wednesday night.

The greatest threat for storms will come after dark. Right now, I’m thinking we’ll see that threat in the 8:00-midnight time frame. I’ll update that tomorrow.

Again, just look for cold rain showers tonight, followed by widespread light to moderate rainfall Wednesday afternoon and evening. That will all be followed by a line of storms and heavy rainfall after dark. I’ll keep an eye on it all!

You all have a great evening!


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