6:35 Weather Update

Our line of storms is now moving into western Putnam County. If you know anyone in Cookeville who is hoping to beat the storms home, they should leave now.

The greatest risk facing us is from straight-line winds. With our soils so saturated, we’re liable to have some trees come down. Also, please be aware that we could easily have some flash flooding from these heavy downpours.

I continue to see storm reports of downed trees. The most recent report comes from Murfreesboro.

I’ve also noticed lightning activity increasing with the TN storms. That just means they’re growing taller cloud tops, with increases our risk for damaging winds.

The good news is that there hasn’t been a single tornado warning. Also, it looks like we will not have a watch of any kind issued for the plateau. Still, let’s not let our guard down until this line has passed.



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