All warnings have expired for the plateau and the storms are pushing east into the valley. Knoxville is currently 47 degrees, so they will likely miss out on all the storminess. They never warmed up today, as cold air was trapped in the valley.

There are NUMEROUS reports of downed trees across the plateau. Please be careful if you’re out and about tonight and try to stay off the roads if you can.

This ends our severe weather threat for the night. Expect more rainfall and falling temperatures. In fact, temps have already fallen into the 30s in West TN. Expect a wintry day for your Thursday, with lots of clouds and temps in the 30s.

This was a very potent line of storms and I am so very thankful we didn’t get any warmer than we did. The temp jumped all the way up to 61 degrees here at my house before the line came through.

Again, there are numerous reports of trees across roads across the plateau. Now, with rainfall coming we’ll likely see flooded roadways. It’s not a good night to be out.

There are also lots of power outages around the region. Just be patient. Crews are out working hard….in this rain.

You all take care and thanks for trusting me with your weather! I always appreciate that.


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