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Storms approaching (7:15 pm)

Our line of storms has made it through Cookeville and is now moving into Monterey. You folks in Jamestown are already seeing this line. The only warning is for a severe t-storm warning for Bledsoe County (Pikeville). That warning is for damaging straight-line winds.

As this line pushes across the plateau, expect very gusty winds and heavy rainfall. It’s still possible we could get a severe t-storm warning at any time, so stay alert. The tornado threat is extremely low and there have been no tornadoes reported with this line thus far. There have, however, been reports of downed trees and powerlines from straight-line winds.

Also, the flash flood threat is high with this line. Please be sure you’re not on the roads when this comes through. Flash flooding at night is especially dangerous.

I’ll be back if a warning is issued. Otherwise, I’ll be back to give the all-clear. As I’ve said all along, it won’t take much wind to topple some of these trees in this wet ground. Be prepared for power outages, just in case.

You all be safe. This is a fast-moving line and it won’t take long for it to blow through.


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