Weather Update 5:40 pm

The line of storms that we’re watching has now moved through the Nashville area. It appears to have done so without incident. That is good news.

The bad news is that we’re actually warmer than Nashville was when the line went through them. My temperature here at home has now risen to 59 degrees! That is a far cry from the mid 40s that we’ve felt all day. You’ve probably noticed those southerly winds increasing too.

Much of the plateau remains in the slight risk for severe storms, with damaging straight-line winds being the primary threat. Let’s not forget the flash flood risk too.

Severe t-storm watches extend into southern Middle TN but do not currently include any of the counties of the plateau. That could change, of course, but the Storm Prediction Center hasn’t mentioned anything about extending the watch north.

The number of severe t-storm warnings has been on the increase in the past hour. With warnings now extending up to southern Middle TN.

The timing of the storms has changed a bit. It looks like the line will be approaching the plateau in about an hour (6:45 or so), and then moving across the heart of the plateau by 7:30-8:00. I think the severe threat will have ended by 9:00 pm.

There’s not much, if any, lightning with these storms at this time. That could change but I doubt these will be big lightning makers.

I have not seen any tornado warnings as of yet. That could change, but this has never looked like a big tornado threat. We’re just not unstable enough for that kind of activity to be a major concern. We can never rule out a brief spin-up with lines like these, but this is looking very similar to what we had last week….with damaging straight-line wind gusts being the main threat. Only this time our soils are even more saturated. Be prepared for trees to take down some power lines if these storms get rowdy.

The only storm reports I’ve seen thus far is for downed trees and power lines. With soils so saturated, it doesn’t take much for that to happen.

Below is the current radar, showing a thin line of storms moving through the Nashville area and approaching Lebanon at 5:40. The line is moving east at about 45 mph.

current radar


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