Wednesday Weather Update (4:00 pm)

The line of storms that interests us this evening is developing in northern Mississippi. The concern is that the line will develop northward into Tennessee, as far north as our region. That is why much of the plateau is in the slight risk for severe storms for this evening. I think the main threat timeframe will be 8-midnight.


The main concern is damaging straight-line winds. That would be bad with all these trees sitting in saturated soils. Prepare for power outages, just in case those storms materialize.

Flash flooding will also be a risk. I would plan to be off the roads by 8:00 pm. You don’t want to get caught out in this stuff when it blows in. Storms or no storms, the heavy rain will likely flood roadways and make them dangerous.

That’s your update for now. I’m sure we’ll see some severe weather watches issued within the next few hours, especially for folks to our south. On the plateau, I think the greatest threat for severe weather will be from I-40 south.

I just drove back from Knoxville and the temperature rose from 44 degrees at the Cumberland/Roane County line to 53 here at the house. That’s an incredible difference in such a short span of time. It was just cold and calm in Knoxville. Here, it’s breezy and warming up.

I’ll be tracking it all!

Below is the current radar, showing the slight risk for severe storms in yellow.


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