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Have you heard the migrating Cranes?

On Sunday morning I heard something that made me go outside for a look. I had a feeling it was the migration of the Sandhill Cranes. They have a very distinctive sound! Sure enough, in the skies overhead there were hundreds of Sandhill Cranes. Many people mistake the sound for that of the Canadian Goose. If you get your binoculars and look closely, you can see that this is no Canadian Goose migration. It’s the biannual migration of the Sandhill Crane.

And yes, it’s a bit early this year (everything is). A milder winter has left plants and animals thinking that spring is sooner than it really is.

We are quite fortunate here on the plateau in that we lie right smack dab in the middle of the Sandhill Crane migration path! Every spring and fall you can expect that sound to fill the skies again.

The cranes on Sunday had it a bit easier. Southerly winds aloft made their journey much more swift than usual. Plus, that air current just helped them glide right along. It was a good day to be a migrating crane! ha

I thought this was very interesting and figured some of you all might enjoy this, as well. Now, back to watching those skies! As I always say, keep looking up because you just never know what you might see up there. There will certainly be more migrating cranes to come in the coming days, so keep an eye on the sky!

Pictured below is the fall (left) and spring (blue) migratory routes. Notice how each route goes right over the Cumberland Plateau.


Pictured below is the Sandhill Crane.Homepage-Billboard-950x348


This video is the sound they make as they fly over. They have a different pitch to their sound than Canadian Geese.

I snapped a few pics as they were flying over. It was hard to get a good picture, since they were flying so fast.





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