Baldwin’s Blog for Wednesday, Feb. 19

A Chance for Snow


Weather Headlines

Light snow for Thursday. Winter weather advisories may be issued by the NWS.

The next rain-maker arrives Sunday

Main threats

Any wintry precipitation that falls on Thursday will be capable of causing some travel disruptions. Be careful if you must be out and about on Thursday.


We’ll seem mostly cloudy skies today, though some clearing could move in during the afternoon and/or evening. It just depends on how much the clouds love hanging out on the plateau today. It’s always so interesting to watch those clearing lines race toward the plateau, then throw on the brakes as soon as they see Crossville (ha).

The sun has risen just enough for us to be able to see that clearing line on visible satellite imagery at 8:15. It’s moving east.


Then, tonight those clouds thicken up again. By morning, we should be seeing some snowflakes fall from those clouds. That snow will continue all day Thursday. This is a very light snow, so travel impacts are not expected to be significant. However, it only takes one slick spot for it to be significant for you.

Accumulations should stay under an inch. We are on the very northern outskirts of this system, so precip will stay very light. Those of you south of Cumberland County will have more moisture, but your temps may rise enough freezing to the point that it all melts by afternoon, or even changes to rain.

Pictured below is the NAM model, which I think is doing a good job showing where the snow will fall tomorrow. Notice how the valley of East TN will likely be too warm for accumulation.


I’ll keep a very close eye on all of this.

Our next rain-maker arrives with some showers Sunday afternoon or evening. Those showers turn to heavier rain on Monday, with perhaps some thunder. No severe weather is expected at this time.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Severe Weather Watches, Warnings and Advisories

River flood warnings continue across the Southeast. Some streams are at their highest levels in nearly 40 years.



Winter Weather Watches, Warnings, and Advisories

High winds and bitter cold temperatures are leading to wind chill advisories across the northern plains. Winter weather advisories are in effect for a few spots across the central plains.




On this day in 1960 Sparta received their greatest one-day snowfall on record. On that day, they recorded 10 inches of snow.

On this day in 1884 a horrific tornado outbreak struck the Southeast. At least 60 tornadoes touched down, killing at least 420 people! Georgia and the Carolinas were hardest hit.

Wednesday Weather Word of the Day


Precipitation that evaporates before reaching the ground. The atmosphere aloft may be moist enough to support precipitation but that doesn’t mean all the layers of the atmosphere are. As that precip falls into drier layers, it may evaporate. This is called virga.


Sometimes you can see virga in the sky. The precip appears as streaks falling from the clouds.


NASA Knowledge

Vice President Pence will be in Hampton, Virginia today to speak with employees at Langley Research Center. They work to make space aviation safer. It’s unclear exactly what he has to tell them, but I’m thinking it has something to do with their role in getting us back to the moon. I’ll let you know!


I’ll be Home Away From Home head-start this morning talking to those kids about NASA and all the cool things about space. Wish me luck! Maybe I’ll recruit some lil astronauts. ha

You all have a great day!


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