Snow Update (9:30 a.m)

Some of you have found yourselves under some heavier snow bands. I’ve seen a report of 1.5 inches behind the experiment station on Highway 70 (pictured below). I’ve seen some other pictures from the north end of the county with about that much too.


Remember, to accurately measure snow you need to find three exposed, level surface and measure in three different places. Take the average of those three and you have your snow amount.

The deepest moisture with this system will soon be passing through. I’d expect another one to two hours of good snow, maybe a bit more. Then, it will taper off. Accumulations across the plateau should range from 1-2 inches, with locally higher amounts (as always).

You all stay safe out there. Right now, main roads are clear her in town and I have about half an inch of snow on the roof of weatherTAP. I’ll be venturing out a bit later to see how much snow is elsewhere around town.

Main roads should be alright today, but I’ve seen pictures of some back roads that look awful. Drive safe!


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