Baldwin’s Wx Blog for Friday, Feb. 21

Beautiful Sunshine


Weather Headlines

Sunshine has returned

Rain returns Sunday night

An unsettled workweek for next week

Main threats

No significant threats expected for the forecast period at this time.


The sunshine has returned in earnest! We’ll see that big beautiful ball of gas shining bright both today and tomorrow! Wow, 48 hours of no precip. Heck, it’s looking like Sunday will be pretty nice too, although clouds will be on the increase later in the day.

We’re not the only ones who are dry. Check out this radar view of the whole country. Hardly any precip anywhere! This is quite the talk today in the weather world today. It’s rare to see such a dry day nationwide, especially this time of year. That will change soon enough, though.


The next rain system moves in here on Monday. Right now, that’s looking like a 1-2 inch rain event, though some guidance is suggesting an inch or two more than that. Let’s hope the guidance trends lighter on rainfall. I think we’ve had enough to do us a while! (ha)

Thankfully, this does not look like a severe weather maker at this time. I expect that will hold true, though we may hear a rumble of thunder.

Showers move out early Tuesday but another system will be right on its heels and ready to move in for Tuesday night and Wednesday.

Cold air rushing in on the backside of that system could give us some snow flurries for Thursday, just in time for my birthday!



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast


My birthday is Thursday!

Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Severe Weather Watches, Warnings and Advisories

Flood advisories continue for area streams across the Southeast. Rain will return to the Southwest late tonight, prompting the issuance of flood watches.



Winter Weather Watches, Warnings, and Advisories

Winter weather advisories continue for eastern North Carolina, from the snow they received yesterday that has left roads slick today. Freeze watches are in effect for northern Florida and southern Georgia.




On this day in 1918 warm, downsloping winds off the Rockies caused the town of Granville, North Dakota to warm from a morning low of 33 degrees below zero to an afternoon high of 50 degrees! Those winds are called Chinook winds.


Friday Funny


NASA Knowledge

Yesterday was the anniversary of John Glenn’s historic flight around the Earth! On February 20, 1962 Glenn orbited the Earth and then returned home safely.

After three years of training, Glenn was rocketed into space atop an Atlas rocket, inside his Mercury Friendship 7 spacecraft, launched from Cape Canaveral. He was the third American to go into space, but the first to successfully orbit the entire Earth. What a ride that must have been!

The astronauts were allowed to name their own spacecraft. At a loss for what to name this historic craft, Glenn asked his kids for advice. They suggested the word Friendship.

It wasn’t a picture perfect flight. Near the end of the first orbit, he had to abandon the malfunctioning flight system of his craft. This forced him to manually fly the craft. His life was in his own hands. Thankfully, most of the major systems worked very well.

But, alas, after four hours and 56 minutes he had circled the globe three times, reaching speeds of more than 17,000 mph. He experienced a successful splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean and was recovered 800 miles southeast of Bermuda.

Glenn was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor by President Kennedy.

Glenn passed away on December 8, 2016 at the age of 95. He was still enjoying good health and was even still flying his private plane at 90 years old!

Pictured below is what Glenn orbited the Earth in. What a ride, indeed!




The Climate Prediction Center issues their temperature outlook for March. It looks like many of us in the eastern US could be in for a chilly March! That could be interesting, if this holds true.


You all have a great day!


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