My pictures from this beautiful Saturday

So, photography is quickly becoming a hobby (in case you hadn’t figured that out. ha). I’m not the best (by far!) but it sure is a fun hobby to have.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my pictures and I sure hope you were also able to get out today and soak up some of that beautiful sunshine.

And thank you for following the blog. If it weren’t for you all I wouldn’t have so many cool people to share my stories, predictions, and pictures with. Thank you!

Most of these are bird pictures, but I snuck a couple of squirrels in on ya too. I captioned many of them below the picture.


Bella, mom and dad’s German Shepard, was with me and this squirrel was watching us. It was thinking, “If I just sit still and hold onto this limb Bella won’t see me.” It worked just long enough for me to get this picture taken. lol


Check out that cobalt blue sky. What a day to be a bird flying in those skies.


This squirrel was definitely taunting Bella. This was just moments before a series of squirrel acrobatics about drove Bella crazy.




To me, the bird above looks as if it is taking a moment to pray.  “Lord, please let this limb have more bugs than the last one. Amen.”


I know the male redbirds are beautiful, but I’m growing quite fond of the female redbirds. They’re also less squidish and easy to take pictures of. Also, notice the buds on the maple tree.


Whatcha doin’, Mark?




Bird, “What in the world is in there?”


Redbirds contrasted with that blue sky….wow..


I unintentionally framed this redbird. Kinda cool accident, right?


Woodpecker, “I like this tree but that one over there sure looks delicious!”


“And that one up there looks pretty darn good, too.” Hey Woodpecker, try the one in front of you first! ha


Just a robin struttin’ through the yard.


Uh oh, I’ve been spotted.


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You all have a great evening!

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