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Baldwin’s Wx Blog for Monday, Feb. 24

An Active Weather Week


Weather Headlines

A rainy Monday for us

A break on Tuesday

Morning rain, evening light snow possible Wednesday

Flurries Friday night

A dry weekend?

Main threats

Rainfall amounts today should stay at or under one inch areawide. Therefore, major flooding problems are not expected. Never the less, be careful if you’re out driving during heavier downpours.

Light snow is possible Wednesday afternoon and into the night. Light accumulations could lead to some slick spots on area roads. Right now, this looks like a “one inch or less” event, but that could change. Stay tuned.


We’ll see cloudy skies and rain showers throughout the day. Don’t be surprised if you hear a rumble of thunder. Rainfall amount should stay around one inch across the plateau.

We get a break tomorrow and I wouldn’t be surprised if the temp hits 60 degrees in the afternoon. We will surely get that warm if the sun comes out any. It will be a nice break before the bottom drops out.

Wednesday looks wet, with temperatures falling and winds increasing. Rain will turn to snow at some point but the timing of that is a bit uncertain. Right now, it looks like that change will come in the afternoon hours. If we get any accumulation, that would likely come after dark, though I’m seeing some new data that suggests accumulation could start around 3:00 pm. I’ll keep a close eye on this.

The rest of the week and into the weekend is looking mostly dry but cold. Another disturbance will swing through Friday night and that could kick off some more snow flurries. Right now, that doesn’t look to be a big deal but that could change between now and Friday. Stay tuned.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

Winter storm watches stretch across Illinois for heavy snowfall expected on Tuesday. Winter weather advisories cover the northern plains. A new storm system threatens to bring heavy snowfall for the mountains of Washington state. Farther south, flash flood watches and warnings cover parts of southern Kansas and Missouri. Wind advisories are in effect for northern Louisiana. Flood warnings for area streams remain in effect across the Southeast.




On this day in 1967 the temperature in Crossville dropped to two degrees, establishing a new record low for this date.

It’s not unusual for Vermont and New Hampshire to get snow this time of year. What was unusual about the snow on this day in 1936 was that is was brown. Dust from dust storms across the Great Plains turned snow brown in New England. New York state had muddy rain to fall. That just all sounds terrible to me!

Monday Sun Day

The sun is the closest thing to a perfect sphere ever observed in nature. That’s pretty wild, right?

Speaking of wild sun facts….

The sun’s harmful UV radiation is largely deterred by the Earth’s ozone layer. That ozone layer is about the width of a piece of paper. Without that layer, life could not exist on Earth. So many delicate things had to come together just right for us to be here.

NASA Knowledge

On February 18, a waning crescent Moon, the planet Mars (near upper right corner), and the International Space Station (series of dots) found themselves in a well-planned field of view over the skies of New Mexico. Not bad photography, if I do say so myself. (ha)



The next MASTER science class for kids is this evening at 4:30 at Roane State! I’ve had some cancellations, since this is a rescheduling after last week’s snow on Thursday. So, if you have a kid who could make it out this evening just get them signed up! The link to that form can be found below. The topic this month is volcano weather and this should be a pretty darn cool class. Check it out if you can!


You all have a great day!


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