Special Announcement!

Good evening, everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I have just been accepted to a very special NASA Social! Only 20 people were chosen and yours truly is one of them! I will be traveling to Sandusky, Ohio to see the actual Orion capsule that will take the first woman to the moon and the next man!!! This all takes place as soon as next Friday! I will, of course, be covering it all right here. I’ve never been to this particular facility, so I’m especially excited.

If you will recall, I got to see the testing of the Orion abort system this past July. What a trip that was! It’s like I’m getting to see it all come full circle and I’m beyond excited that NASA is letting me see all of this firsthand!

In the email from NASA, they tell me that during the event, I will have the opportunity to tour the Space Environments Complex at Plum Brook, where the Orion spacecraft has completed testing for the Artemis I mission. I will meet and interact with engineers, technicians and other research team members and view and take photographs of Orion. Finally, I will get to meet fellow space enthusiasts who are active on social media.

Remember, the mission to the Moon this time is called Artemis. The first time we went it was called the Apollo program.

Again, I’ll be covering it all on my personal Facebook page and right here in the blog!!!

For a cool video, check this out!



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