1:40 Update on Wed. Night Snow

I thought I would give you all a quick update on our wintry weather situation developing for Wednesday night. It still looks like we’ll be plenty warm enough for rain showers during the day Wednesday. I don’t foresee any problems from ice during the daylight hours.

Yesterday, it looked like the colder air would be here in the afternoon. However, that colder air has slowed down and will be arriving a few hours later than previously expected.

Also, keep in mind that winds will be quite gusty tomorrow, as the air masses mix and mingle. Those winds will get colder as the day goes along.

After dark, we’ll be getting cold enough for some snowflakes. There’s still uncertainty in just how much moisture will be leftover for the cold air, so there’s still some uncertainty with accumulation. Regardless, this is another light precipitation event, with many of us seeing a dusting to one half inch. Some of the heavier snow spots may see up to an inch, as it looks right now. If more moisture lags behind than the models are showing (which is entirely possible) we could be looking at more of a widespread one inch snow, with isolated amounts up to two inches.

The favored “heavier snow” spots will be those along the western edges of the plateau, from Mayland to Monterey and up toward Jamestown. Northwest winds hitting the plateau will encourage snowfall, leading to amounts as high as one inch (maybe two inches).

I’ll keep an eye on it for you all the rest of today and all day tomorrow. As you know, timing sometimes changing with these systems, so I’ll be watching that closely. I’ll also keep you posted on how much moisture looks to be hanging around for the colder air. You snowbirds better hope the moisture doesn’t hightail it out of here before the cold air arrives! (ha)

WHAT: Light snow

HOW MUCH: A dusting to around one inch (possible higher totals on western edge of plateau)

WHEN: After 6:00 p.m. Wednesday

FYI, it still looks like some light snow will be possible Friday and Friday night. That again would be a very light event. I’ll keep you posted!


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