2:30 pm Update on Snow

WHAT: Light snow

WHEN: Snow mixed with rain anytime now.  Accumulating snowfall possible after dark.

HOW MUCH: A dusting to half an inch (isolated amounts up to one inch possible)

We are now in that northwest flow and temps are continuing to slowly drop. Notice on radar that our precip is now coming from the northwest. That cold, northwest flow aloft will continue pulling down colder air. That colder air will occur most quickly aloft, in the atmosphere above us. Therefore, you can expect to see snowflakes mix in with the rain at any time. I’ve seen some echoes on radar that indicate some snowflakes are mixing in for some of you already.


No travel problems are expected during the daylight hours.  We are at 37 degrees here in downtown Crossville. It’s 37 degrees at Tennessee Tech’s campus and it’s 40 degrees in Nashville. Temps continue to very slowly fall.

That northwest flow will bring some gusty northwest winds as we get into the evening hours. That will enhance snowfall for the plateau tonight. So, this will become a situation where we can’t track snow moving across the state. It will be developing along the western edge of the plateau and then crossing the plateau.

Pictured below is water vapor imagery. Notice the darker colors moving our way for now (drier air), but notice that moisture over Missouri and Arkansas moving east. That will be our snowfall for tonight, especially as it interacts with the plateau.


Those same winds will then sink into the valley of East TN. Sinking winds discourage precipitation because sinking air warms up and dries out. Therefore, this is one of those events, once again, where snow will be most likely on the Cumberland Plateau and not in surrounding areas. Lucky us! (ha)

We’ll be alright, travel-wise, for the remainder of our daylight hours. After dark, things may start to get tricky, especially after 8:00 p.m. or so. You folks in Putnam, Overton, and White counties could see some sub-freezing temps anytime after 6:00 pm.

If you must be out tonight please be careful, especially as we get on up into the night.

I still recommend just being home after dark. Try to get whatever you need to get done before it gets any colder, windier, and snowy.

You all take care! I’ll be updating through the evening.





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