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8:30 pm Snow Update

According to the Cumberland County Emergency Management Agency, road conditions are beginning to deteriorate across Cumberland County. I’m sure the same is probably true for surrounding counties. Be careful if you must be out.

Light snow and snow showers will continue through the night, with many of us seeing a dusting to a half inch. Isolated locations, especially along the western edges of the plateau, could see up to an inch.

The gusty northwest winds are making our temps feel much colder. That breeze has a bite to it! Temps across the plateau range from 28-32 degrees.

You all stay warm and safe tonight!

And, as I said in a Facebook post, don’t you all let this snow distract you and cause you to forget that tomorrow is my birthday! haha

You all take care! I’ll update again, as needed. Otherwise, you’ll hear from me in the morning with the daily blog.

WHAT: Light snow

WHEN: Rest of the night

HOW MUCH: dusting to half inch, isolated one inch amounts possible


2 thoughts on “8:30 pm Snow Update

  1. Happy birthday!

    1. Thanks, David!

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