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1:30 pm Update on Friday Snow

WHAT: Light snow

WHEN: Beginning between 4:00 – 7:00 a.m. Friday morning

HOW MUCH: Up to one inch accumulation across the plateau

I’m keeping an eye on our system that will be coming in late tonight. First of all, we will see no snow fall before midnight, so you’re good-to-go with any evening activities you may have planned. Just bundle up if you must head out this evening.

Our next snow-maker is currently making it’s way into Kansas. I’ll be tracking it as it swings along the base of the jetstream tonight and eventually right into our neck of the woods.

This is another light snow event but we should see more than we saw last night. Last night’s snow was more of a snow granule type event. Snow pellets just don’t accumulate, but they do make slick roads, like some of us saw this morning.

Tomorrow morning’s snow will be snowflakes and not the pellets. These systems are called “clippers” and originate in western Canada. They are notorious for being light snow makers.

I expect snow to continue, off and on, through the day Friday. Temps will creep to the freezing mark and may even rise above freezing in the afternoon. Another system dives in for tomorrow evening, bringing an additional round of snow. That second round should be very light (less than half an inch).

I’ve got a lot to track and keep up with and I’ll be doing just that!

Pictured below is the current radar showing our next system.


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