8:30 pm Snow Update

WHAT: Light snow

WHEN: Friday morning (anytime after 4:00 a.m.)

HOW MUCH: Up to one inch, isolated 2″ amounts possible

First of all, you need to step outside and check out the Moon in the western sky. That really bright star to it’s north is Venus. Notice the clouds coming in toward the horizon. Just absolutely beautiful.

The snow forecast is still on track. If I had to make any adjustments, it would be to say that accumulations might be closer to that inch north of I-40. Those of you south of I-40 may be looking at more of the dusting to half inch that I’ve talked about.

Of course, we never know till the snow starts falling where the localized higher amounts will be. The maximum that anyone could see should stay at or under 2″.

We remain under a winter weather advisory for Friday morning for some hazardous travel that may develop.

Now, get out there and check out the moon and Venus before the clouds move in. I’ve typed this thing at like 100 mph trying to get this to you before the clouds cover that scene up! lol


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