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Baldwin’s Bday Wx Blog for Feb. 27

A good day for a birthday


Weather Headlines

Light snow develops late tonight

A snowy Friday ahead (1-2 inches accumulation possible)

The weekend is looking dry

Heavy rain and storms for next week

Main threats

Be careful on area roads Friday morning. Light snow will likely lead to some slick spots.

Additional snowfall could make for some hazardous travel again Friday night and Saturday morning.

Heavy rainfall next week could lead flooding issues. At least 4-6 inches of rain may fall from Monday to Wednesday.


Light snow will develop late tonight and Friday morning. Be careful, as area roads will likely become slick again Friday morning.

Snow should continue through much of the morning, with light accumulations of 1-2 inches possible.

Snow should taper off in the afternoon, before another disturbance moves in Friday night, bringing another round of snow showers. Additional light accumulation is possible once again (dusting to half inch)


The weekend is looking pretty good! It will be chilly on Saturday, but it should be dry. Sunday is looking much warmer and continued dry. March will definitely come in like a lamb.


Here comes the rain. Lots and lots of rain. We need to be ready for more flooding issues. There could even be some strong storms Tuesday night and Wednesday morning. I’ll keep a close eye on that for you all.

So, snow, sun, rain, storms…..yep, you can tell we’re moving into March.



Baldwin’s 7-Day forecast


Wx Hazards Across the Nation

A storm system will bring heavy snow to the Appalachians, from Tennessee and North Carolina to New England. That system will also bring high winds to areas east of the mountains, especially around Pennsylvania. Freeze watches are in effect for northern Florida and southern Georgia. Meanwhile, gusty winds continue to plague southern California.




The greatest snow in New England history occurred on this day in 1717. A series of snowstorms stretching over a ten-day period of time, dropped feet of snow on that region of the country. Boston ended up with three feet. Farther north, up to six feet of snow fell. Many one-story homes were covered in snow by snow drifts!

Thirsty Thursday

We use more water in America for recreation needs than we do for survival. For instance, an average golf course requires 312,000 gallons of water for maintenance… a single day!

NASA Knowledge

They’ve done it! NASA completed the final test of the abort system that will be used on our missions to the Moon and everything worked like a charm again. What wonderful news! Never again will we have to sit through another Challenger disaster. Unlike those astronauts, who’s lives could have been saved by such an escape plan, future astronauts will be able to quickly and safely propel away from exploding rockets, etc. that may malfunction during ascent.

Yes, there will always be dangers, but this is one we can scrape.


Today is my birthday!!! Thank you for all the birthday wishes thus far. You all know how to make a weatherguy feel pretty darn special!

You all have a great day!


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