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3:40 am Storm update

Whew…things are looking much better now, folks. Storms are now struggling. The tornado watch was extended to 6:00 a.m. but I don’t think we’ll see anything like we’ve seen. This is a very bizarre situation. With all of our technology and expertise, Ma Nature decided to show us that she’s still in charge of this thing.

Prayers for those to out west. There is major tornado damage across parts of Middle TN, mainly from this one lone long-track supercell. It formed in a perfect sweet spot where only something like this could happen. If you’ll recall from my earlier posts, we had zero chance for a tornado tonight. Even Nashville only had a 2% chance. Two percent. And that was from the experts at the Storm Prediction Center. This is literally their full time job. We all make mistakes.

There are currently no tornado warnings in the entire state. I don’t even see a severe tstorm warning anywhere. The atmosphere appears to be calming down. As we get into these later hours, that tends to happen.

We could still see a strong storm from that one cell south of I-40 moving through Middle TN but it is behaving itself thus far.

Current radar just shows rain and general t-storms. Even the cell we were watching is weakening. That’s the elongated red and yellows you see on the southern flank, moving toward southern Cumberland County. Again, it isn’t even considered strong at this point. That is very good news.


I’ll be up watching.

There will be papers published on this supercell that we saw tonight, you can bet on that. This is the stuff meteorology classes are made of!


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