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4:40 a.m. Storm Update

For those of you just waking up, it’s been a rough night for some of us.

First of all, storms continue to show general signs of weakening, thank goodness. That one lone supercell is the main culprit for all the panic this morning. It developed west of Nashville and tracked all the way to Knoxville as a tornado-warned storm! What a bizarre situation.

Sadly, we now know three people are dead in Cookeville from this storm. Two are dead in East Nashville. The tornado associated with this storm was a long,-track large tornado.

Again, radar continues to just show general t-storms in our area.

That lone supercell is still a very strong storm. It will soon meet its demise in the mountains, where there is still some snow on the ground.

This storm moved across Rinnie and Clarkrange early this morning, with ferocious lightning and hail. Even the cooler air of the plateau didn’t seem to weaken the storm much. Many of us received phone calls from 911, warning us of the storm. For many, weather radios didn’t go off for some reason.

We had zero chance for a tornado and yet here we are. Spring is not off to a good start.

Again, just regular storms continue in the area. Some will contain small hail, as we have a lot of cold air aloft.



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